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Ghost Flowers is proud to work with these organizations


Ghost Flowers is proud to be a regular donor to The Art Therapy Institute (ATI), an organization of mental health professionals dedicated to the healing power of the arts. They provide clinical art therapy services to diverse populations, empowering clients to develop their identities through the art-making process. They also offer training to allied professionals and seek to raise awareness in the general community about the benefits of arts-based therapy. 


The North Carolina Museum of Art serves the people of North Carolina and all visitors as a premier destination for compelling encounters with art. The NCMA is committed to exemplary scholarship and innovative educational enrichment, and invites interactions among diverse communities, foster collaborative partnerships, and seek to activate the creative potential in everyone.


The Imurj collaborative arts community is composed of artist members that utilize member resources in the downtown Raleigh location and on the Imurj website. Designed with the artist and fan in mind, the Imurj space promotes the growth and development of North Carolina based artists. Through a wide range of workshops, performances, lectures, and classes Imurj is curating a new type of venue.


It is Ghost Flowers' great pleasure to be the exclusive event coordinator for Autism Geniuses of the World, which creates programs that deliver positive experiences for those facing the challenges of autism and connects the autistic community with local businesses that offer care and compassion in difficult social environments, and aid in the integration process. AGW trains social ambassadors of autism who serve as one-on-one coaches for families dealing with a diagnoses, and educates our society on acceptance. Their main goal is to bring educational resources for children with autism to under-developed countries all around the world and to empower the autistic community worldwide through education and awareness.

Our Sacred Circles is a women’s collaborative offering monthly workshops and gatherings that support women’s spirituality, creativity, activism, community building, and personal healing and recovery. Our Sacred Circles' (OSC) mission is to provide a brave space for women dedicated to changing the world and ourselves.